Ch1lds Pl4y.

I was never really good at describing myself, but hey look, its my bio!

all these promposals & I’m just like.. I’m my own date.

If you don’t jam Migos…. i really don’t know what to tell you bout yo life.
like, you’re not living, I can tell you dat!

16. April 2014

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Seeing someone slowly lose interest in you is probably one of the worst things ever 

it is.

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  • Me: ask me anything guys, nothing is off the limits.
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  • Me:
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  • Me: okay, I'll just reblog some pictures.


Breaks my heart every time.. 

makes me think every time I hear it.

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Hand jobs and blow jobs are called jobs because they’re tedious and dicks are gross. Going down on a girl is called eating out because it’s a privilege.


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I fucks with Jhene lol

If you can’t handle me randomly blurting out song lyrics that relate to what you just said, we can’t be friends

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